Hey Everyone,

Cap here with the latest news on Revelations! 

We're in the middle of some major changes! We are revamping our server to include all types of game modes such as factions, skyblock, creative, mini games and much more to come. If you have any suggestions of mini games or game modes we can add, be sure to leave a comment here, on our discord in the #suggestions text channel or in our website forum in the Server Suggestions section.

The Rev Staff is working hard to have everything at 100% and the quality of the game modes is our highest priority. We will be needing all staff on board to push in order for us to complete all sections of the server. Feel free to ask Noobdad, BigmacMC or myself on what you can do to assist on speeding up the process.

See you all in game at!

Bed wars has arrived to REVelations!

And what better way to get it going?

A 3v3 Bed Wars Tournament!

The event will be held:

This Friday and Saturday
(July 14/15, 2017 starting at 5PM PST)

  • Every team signed up will be composed of 3 players.
  • Teams will take part in a double-elimination bracket tournament.
  • A match will be played against 1 other team on the map: "Ruins"
  • Each team will be given a random number between 1-8 that will determine their team color.
  • All games MUST be played either this Friday or this Saturday. If your team cannot make it for any reason, your team will forfeit.
  • A winner is determined after all other teams have lost twice.

How to sign up:

First a few things you should have prepared before signing up.

  1. Your team name
  2. The three members of the team
  3. The best times available for your team to compete within the 2 days

Click on the forum link below.

Below is an overview shot of the map "Ruins" The map is already available to play at

Now is the time to get your team on and test/play/plan/prepare strategies for this weekend’s tournament. All you have to do is login, type /games and you will be sent to the mini games island where you can play bed wars and a few other mini games. 

Ruin Map

Cap here,

Tired of the same old mini games... Run over here... Run over there... Jump here... Jump there... You Win... Dead? Game over? Thinking to yourself. "I've got a great idea for a mini game but no one is willing to listen" Well things are shaking up at REVMC.NET. That's right peeps we need everyone's help on new inventive ideas for mini games. Got an idea? Contact Noobdad, BigMac or myself with your idea. Please serious inquires only. Make sure that you have a few things ready when explaining your mini game to us.

1. Is it Single Player, Free for All, Teams, etc.

2. Objective. What needs to be done to receiving a point or win the mini game.

3. Map. Do you have a map in mind? Did you want to build the map? Did you want someone else to help design?

4. Any extra details you may have about your mini game. 

Again, feel free to contact Noobdad, BigMac or myself through discord or in game. We look forward to listening to everyone's idea on new mini game concepts.

Thanks and Continue playing on PLAY.REVMC.NET and helping our community grow!

Hey everyone Cap here,

FFA is now live. All you have to do is type /FFA and you will be in our new Free For All Arena. We will be having a weekly FFA battle on Fridays! The rewards will change as time goes along but for this Friday it will be 500 points! This will let us see who really is the #1 slayer. 

The time is set for 7pm Pacific this Friday. 

The time is not set in stone. So, there will be other FFA battles on other days to fit most schedules. We also have other events in the works. New content. Storylines. Daily/Weekly Quest.

So, everyone come on. Bring your best gear and let's battle to be the FFA Champion!

Hey everyone Cap here,

First and foremost, we have our first Seraph rank player. That player is


A Legendary Thanks for your dedication and donations to REVMC.NET. You are currently the player that has donated the most. We would also like to thank all other players who have been making donations.10% of all proceeds are donated to Saved In America - a non-profit organization made up of ex-special forces who go undercover to retrieve kidnapped and exploited children! With everyone's donations we have been able to contribute to the organizations and help the children. 

Now, some quick updates.

Those who have ranked up using points you may now donate to receive points to rank up in that manner also. 

Armor and weapons are still being worked on. There are plenty of new sets available. 

We are currently working on a few things. One of them is Daily Challenges. I will be keeping everyone informed on the status as we progress. 

One last note, I will be holding an art contest for the server website. No final date for submission has been decided yet but I'm looking for some artwork that really represents REVMC.NET. Let your imagination go wild. I'm curious to see how many of you are creative enough to really wow Noobdad. Just some quick rules for the contest.

You must be the creator of the art and image file you submit for the contest. Your art must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else's copyrighted material. (If your image infringes upon another's copyright it will be disqualified.) Upon submitting your work, to this competition, you are solely responsible for any infringement on copyrighted materials.

You may send it to me through Discord.

Its_Bacon02 Sounds good, Let me know if you need help, or any Idea's for Daily challenges :d
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