This battle was bloody, salty, and full of "sketch".  I overlooked the cobble monster precautions we had put in for the other tournaments and FrosttHD and Danzorr capitalized by making RIDICULOUS cobble monster islands.  Basically they painstakingly sat on top of a mound of cobble and continuously poured lava and water to generate cobblestone.  The points increased almost exponentially and the scores were ridiculously high!  Congratulations to the winners, their dedication surely paid off!

1st Place: FrosttHD

Score: 825213

FrosttHD and Danzorr took pages from Stef's playbook.  They built a rail duplication machine that helped them reach island level 1500.  At that point, receiving the best cobble generating results, they started to cobble monster to victory.

1st Place - FrosttHD

2nd Place: Danzorr

Score: 346091

Yes you're reading this right.  Danzorr was on FrosttHD's team!  One day before the tournament ended, Danzorr decided to challenge himself and LEFT HIS TEAM to start his own island!  Using the techniques he perfected while playing with FrosttHD, Danzorr skyrocketed up the leaderboard!

2nd Place - Danzorr

3rd Place: MentallyDrained, Peeving

Score: 335212

MentallyDrained and Peeving were the richest team for the duration of the tournament, but their last minute surge to build up their island could not compete with the cobble generation.

3rd Place - MentallyDrained, Peeving

Thanks again for all who played!  We will fix the issues with rail duplication and cobble generation.  We're also going to make the next tournament less stressful and geared towards fun.  Thanks for playing, and I will be posting the new tournament shortly!

God Bless You!

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