Skyblock Winners for 10/20/2018!!!

By [Owner] NoobDad YouTube - Posted Oct 20, 18

Congratulations to the winners of the Skyblock tournament!  The tournament was a hard fought battle and all of the teams employed some great strategies!

First Place - $50


Stefyatorus won with an EPIC exploit he found using /is ms.  /is ms is the command for the island block mini shop.  He used that to buy iron ingots, which he then converted to iron buckets, which he then sold at /shop for an easy profit.  From there he bought HUGE AMOUNTS OF DIAMOND BLOCK to build underwater to get an additional 5X bonus.  Great job at analyzing the economy Stef!  He was so far ahead during the game that spilled the beans of the secret to everyone with around 20 minutes left.  He had so much cash he built statues made of junk... such as his tower of cauldrons and his victory statue of purpur block!

Island Level: 214385

Second Place - $20

BigMacMC, Srabbits

BigMacMC and Srabbits stumbled on the money exploit but didn't realize the gold mine they were standing on!  They seeked their fortune in the PVP zone trying to avoid the deadly MentallyDrained.  They would sit and wait for MentallyDrained to cash his crate keys before they would jump down into the PVP zone to loot chests.  It was a sound strategy and by building all of their big value blocks underwater, they came out with a very good score!

Island Level: 58989

Third Place - $10

Zanreno, MentallyDrained

MentallyDrained and Zanreno probably played the most efficient as a team.  MentallyDrained DOMINATED the PVP zone by killing EVERYONE.  He took most of the spoils while Zanreno was pumping out HIGH VALUE JACK-O-LANTERNS.  Even without figuring out the exploit they were able to amass a HUGE AMOUNT of points.  Unfortunately, they built most of the blocks ABOVE sea level so they did not take advantage of the 5x Multiplier Bonus!!!!  They were still able to amass a very impressive island level!

Island Level: 44907

Congratulations to all of the winners!  This tournament was extremely fun!  We will have another tournament at the same time next weekend.  Join us on Server IP: PLAY.CRUSADER.GAMES


Saturday 8am PST

See you there!

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