Skyblock Winners for 10/13/2018!

By [Owner] NoobDad YouTube - Posted Oct 13, 18

Congratulations to the winners of the Skyblock tournament!  The tournament was a hard fought battle and all of the teams employed some great strategies!

First Place - $50

Zanreno, MentallyDrained

Slow and steady wins the race!  These guys just mined like crazy, smelted the cobble to stone, built stone bricks and sold them at the shop for mad stacks of cash.  They then turned around and bought blocks of diamond.  Great job at analyzing the economy guys!

Island Level: 189

Second Place - $20

BigMacMC, Srabbits

BigMacMC and Srabbits pulled out every strategy they could think of.  They used snowmen to farm snowballs to make snow blocks to sell at shop and they started building different items.  Near the end, they offered to pay Ace_G0d $10 for all of his diamond blocks.  Ace_G0d obliged dropping his team to 4th place!  In the end, it wasn't enough for first place.

Island Level: 168

Snoman Delight

Third Place - $10


Stefyatorus showed his penchant for exploits as he made a cobble gen monster followed by a rail-duping machine!  Shenanigans prevailed when he gave Ace_G0d and Danzorr his island because he had to leave.  To his surprise, he still won!

Island Level: 51

Congratulations to all of the winners!  This tournament was extremely fun!  We will have another tournament at the same time next weekend.  Join us to fulfill your dreams of PRO GAMING!


Saturday 8am PST

See you there!

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