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Congratulations to the winners of the Skyblock tournament!  The tournament was a hard fought battle, but then teams separated from the pack!  Here are the winners!

First Place - $100

Egentex, Bazzie, Twister1952

These guys were falling behind early in the match but their HOURS AND HOURS of Skyblock research and gameplay paid off!  They were able to make a tower with the most valuable material in the game... SPONGES!  This secret knowledge allowed them to skyrocket ahead!

Island Level: 512Revenge of the Sponge

Second Place - $30


Stefatorus single-handedly won 2nd place in an incredible manner.  He built a cobble monster that generated EIGHTY-THOUSAND cobblestone!  Stegatorus generated so much cobblestone that the blocks spilled over into other islands!

Island Level: 233

2nd Place - Cobble Monster!

Third Place - $10

Danzorr, Ace_g0d

Danzorr and Ace_g0d were fighting tooth and nail with two other teams before they looked to the horizon and saw the huge monstrosity of Stefatorus growing towards their base.  They quickly realized how Stefatorus was gaining so many points, so they repeated the process.  By using this strategy, Danzorr and Ace_g0d skyrocketed away from the pack!

Island Level: 125

Skyblock Tournament - 3rd Place

Congratulations to all of the winners!  This tournament was extremely fun!  We will have another tournament at the same time next weekend.  Join us to fulfill your dreams of PRO GAMING!


Saturday 8am PST

See you there!

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