Skyblock Tournament!


$100 Grand Prize

2nd Place: $30 PayPal

3rd Place: $10 PayPal

When: Saturday September 29, 2018 8AM PST (Check your time zone)

Where: Minecraft Server IP: REVMC.NET


  • Tournament will run for 2 hours.
  • 3 players are allowed per island
  • Any commands you have access to are allowed!
  • Staff will not reimburse any "lost" items.
  • After 2 hours, the server will be whitelisted and all island totals will be calculated.
  • The island ranked at top will receive $100 PayPal to be shared by team
  • The island ranked 2nd will receive $30 PayPal to be shared by team
  • The island ranked 3rd will receive $10 PayPal to be shared by team
  • Due to DDosing experienced in last tournament, all players must download and use BadLion Esports Certified Minecraft Client -
  • Ban Policy: We will use Server-Side Anti-Cheat.  Banning is at discretion of referee NoobDad.  After 3 "accidental" kicks by cheating software, you will be banned.  Referee retains right to ban sooner and is at his discretion.  All decisions final.
  • No In-Game Purchases
  • One Player Per IP.  Players caught with "alts" will be disqualified.

Good luck! God bless you!

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