Join us this weekend for our $200 CASH PRIZE 2-MONTH SOUL QUEST TOURNAMENT!

STARTS: JUNE,15,2018
ENDS: AUGUST,15,2018
The 1# team on the leaderboard wins the tournament and $200 IN REAL LIFE MONEY - PAYPAL!!!!!


[Owner] NoobDad YouTube  published Skyblock Winners for 10/13/2018! on News
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BINARYFlash   registered to RevelationsMC
[Owner] NoobDad YouTube  published Skyblock Tournament Grand Prize $100!!!! on News
Bazzie   registered to RevelationsMC
Delousing   registered to RevelationsMC
[Owner] NoobDad YouTube  published Skyblock Tournament!!! on News
[Owner] NoobDad YouTube  published Congratulations to our Skyblock BETA Tournament winners: helldog10 and baseballkeith! on News
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