RevMC Massive Update

By [Owner] Cap - Posted Aug 8, 17

Hey Everyone, 

Cap here with the most current massive updates. First off, check out the new play.RevMC.Net SERVER LOBBY.

First off, SKYBLOCK!

Skyblock is a type of survival that is challenge orientated. You spawn on an island in the sky with limited (but enough) resources and must expand your island to become an empire. Here's a brief overview of the tutorial. Test it out for yourself. Go to and go through the SkyBlock Portal and do /warp tutorial to start your journey.

Next we have MINI GAMES!

We've got TNT Wars, TNT Spleef, Bomberman, PVP Duels, Bible in Action, Demon Infection and you guess it Bed Wars! A few weeks ago before our massive update we had a Bed Wars Tournament and it was epic. It was a 3v3 battle for the kings of bed wars. 

We also have CREATIVE!

Here are few of our Community Creations. Come check out these a much more. If you have a build you want to make, Go For It! We want to have as many new creations by our Rev Community to show off everyone's skills and talents. Who know's your creation may be added to other parts of our server!


This is our modified version of Factions. Angels vs Demons. Choose your side! Build your faction base, collect souls in city to gear out your character and team members and raid your enemies with cannons and any means necessary. Remember Angels can't attack Angels but Demons can attack other Demons. 

See you all in game at! and join our discord:

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