Hey, just popping in to say hi and let you all know we had our first Skyblock purchase today! Helldog10 Bought the Knight Rank! In other news, a Skyblock test tournament is coming up this Friday the 14th. This tournament will be a mini-tournament only lasting a day or two. That's pretty much it! Hope to see you around! `~Legend

Congrats to BigMacMC, Edgentex, and TheRangaKing for finishing in the top 3!

Last Friday we had an epic FFA match where BigMacMC had to fight a MAXED OUT LEVEL 50 Edgentex and inched him out for a victory!  It came down to the last few seconds!

BigMacMC was awarded a Seraph kit!

Edgentex was awarded a Cherub kit!

TheRangaKing was awarded a Throne kit!

Thank you all for participating and we'll see you all again for another FFA Tournament Friday July 6th 5PM CST

Join us this weekend for our $200 CASH PRIZE 2-MONTH SOUL QUEST TOURNAMENT!

STARTS: JUNE,15,2018
ENDS: AUGUST,15,2018
The 1# team on the leaderboard wins the tournament and $200 IN REAL LIFE MONEY - PAYPAL!!!!!


Revmc new hub!

Edgentex posted Jun 8, 18

Special thanks to faragilus for the new spectacular hub <3


Go and give him some love

Our boy EddyX is getting SOOOO much better with his artwork.

Check him out at his YouTube channel:

Thanks Eddy!!!!

Angels vs. Demons!  REVMC.NET!

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