Our boy EddyX is getting SOOOO much better with his artwork.  Check him out at his YouTube channel:!  Thanks Eddy!!!!

Angels vs. Demons!  REVMC.NET!

Hey everyone,

Here is your $100 SkyBlock Champion, xLegacyPlay or just Legacy for short, known as Fabby in Discord. Thanks everyone for participating in this SkyBlock Tournament! There will be another tournament coming up soon. It looks like it will be Soul Quest, our faction server. Further information will be released once we have figured out all the prizes and stipulations. Once again, here is the SkyBlock Champion Legacy!

[Owner] NoobDad YouTube LOL! I LOVE IT!

Hey everyone,

Cap here with your latest update of the Top 5 Islands in the current $100 SkyBlock Tournament. Here are the current standings.

As of right now leading the Top SkyBlock Island is:

  1. Xlegacy
  2. Team Edgentex
  3. Team A_Legend_Beyond
  4. Team ChippyHasAClient
  5. Team Its_Bacon02

There is still plenty of time to shake things up in the ranking. Remember to remain online or hop on constantly for key crate parties given out by either your Owner Noobdad or myself. 

$100 SkyBlock Tournament!

[Owner] NoobDad YouTube posted Aug 15, 17

Hi guys!

Join us this weekend for our $100 CASH PRIZE 2-WEEK SKYBLOCK TOURNAMENT!

STARTS: Saturday August 19th 2017 4PM PST
ENDS: Saturday September 2nd 2017 5PM PST
Team at top of "/is top" wins the tournament and $100 IN REAL LIFE MONEY - PAYPAL!!!!!

Official Rules:

GamerGames_YT awesome i am gonna lose


IF SOME TEAM NEEDS A PLAYER August 18th 5PM PST or August 19th 8AM PST you can JOIN THEIR TEAM and be part of the entire TOURNAMENT!  Sign up!

The 3v3 Bed Wars Tournament has been scheduled and filled within less than a day! It will be happening on Friday and Saturday (August 18/19, 2017 starting at 5PM PST). If you weren't able to make the signup for this tournament don't fret. We will be holding a Skyblock Tournament immediately after the Bed Wars Tournament has ended. More details will be released as soon as we have worked out all the details. 

Eight teams go in and one team will come out victorious! They will be named the Bed Wars Season 2 Tournament Champions and will be awarded $60 PAYPAL $$$ CASH $$$ to be shared amongst the winning team. One final note for those competing in the tournament before I post the brackets.

Anti-Cheat Protocol:

We will be using a CLIENT-SIDE ANTI CHEAT. That means a program will scan your computer to make sure you're not using a hacked client. Before every match you must confirm that you're using a VANILLA OPTIFINE CLIENT.

Those of you who are participating have all agreed to allow Tournament Officials access to your computer through TeamViewer. In the case of suspicious activity, RevMC officials will ask to check your Minecraft directory through screen sharing and control. If you refuse (which is your right) your team will be disqualified. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact Noobdad or myself on Discord and we will address any concerns you may have.

Please also review the rules in the forum.

Now, the brackets everyone have been waiting for!

Best of luck to all those participating in the tournament and let the best team win!

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